I am better off today than I was in October 2023 because of Rhoda Faller, my Independent Medicare Insurance Agent. When Humana and Baptist Health System stop working together to benefit Humana clients, I was one of many being told I would need to change my doctors in order to continue with the coverage I had. I sought out Rhoda Faller and she was able to guide me in the right direction and change me to Anthem so I could continue without interrupting my current service. After hearing all the horror stories of my friends not getting the answers they needed when they needed they, I am ever so grateful for Rhoda and the service she provides.

Zandra L.

Thank you for all that you have done to help our family. I thought that, as a retiring health professional, that it would be very easy to navigate the Medicare/Medicare Supplement system when the time came. Before I met you, I had read a lot of information and had listened to endless phone calls from "so-called" experts and I had become more and more confused. You took the time and care to instruct Lucie and me in great detail about the important decisions that we were making and spent the time to make sure that we were getting the plans that best served our needs. Perhaps the most important aspect of our interactions with you, has been the security that you understood our situation and that you were helping us find the best solution for our personal needs. None of this could have been done by a hurried phone call from someone who was just trying to get us signed up.

Don M.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to help my parents with their Medicare supplement needs. With everyone trying to sell their own programs it's confusing on what to believe. We are so grateful to have you to count on. Since meeting you last year my mom and I are very happy to have a personal helper. You are always able to find the answers to all of our concerns. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have you and all of your knowledge. In the very near future I will be eligible for Medicare myself and I will absolutely be coming to you for advice on my own plan and needs. Again, thank you so much for all your kindness and professional help.

Michelle M.

I just want you to know how helpful you have been in helping me during this enrollment period. I like having one person to work with. You are there to help and answer all my concerns. It is wonderful to have you gather up all the new rules and info that comes out each year Then go over it with your customers to help them know what plan is best for them. As we grow older we need you.

Joan M.

Rhoda is a total professional and has helped me immensely with navigating through all of the Medicare options available to seniors. She has helped many of my friends and came highly recommended. She educated me about Medicare and helped me find the plan that worked best for my current needs. When you’re inundated with phone calls about different plans with multiple companies, it can be frustrating and a bit scary not knowing which one to choose. With Rhoda’s help and expertise, I was able to choose the best plan with confidence knowing it was the right one! I have and will continue to recommend Rhoda Faller as a Medicare agent to anyone I know who needs guidance with Medicare.

Jeff J.

My Medicare agent, Rhoda Faller, has been an absolute lifesaver for me. From the moment we started working together, she demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to ensuring I have the best healthcare coverage tailored to my needs. She's not just a professional; she's become a trusted friend. Always available, she patiently answers all my questions, putting my mind at ease with her extensive knowledge and genuine concern for my well-being. What sets her apart is her personal touch—she's not a faceless voice in a call center. Beyond helping me find the right plans, she's gone above and beyond, navigating and resolving complex billing issues with hospitals. Her dedication and invaluable support have transformed what could be a daunting process into a seamless experience, and for that, I'm truly grateful.

Grace C.

I can tell you from first hand experience that my husband and I could not have gotten through Medicare's annual enrollment for the last two years+ without Rhoda's experience and expert guidance. Believe me, there is so much to navigate to get to the end result. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, Rhoda.

Regina G.

Like many people of a certain age, I have been very confused by all of the information that I have gotten about the variety of Medicare plans available for retirees. After one hour with Rhoda, everything came clear and I felt that we could make intelligent decisions. She is amazingly knowledgeable, but also pleasant and charismatic in her presentation. I highly recommend her!!!

Don M.

Thanks so much for meeting with me. Your explanation of the nuances of Medicare was, by far, the clearest that I have heard and was extremely helpful. I look forward to working with you as my wife and I sort through our options. Thanks again for your help!


Rhoda truly has the best interests of her clients at heart. She listened carefully, kept track of all the details of my situation, explained my options thoroughly, and recommended Medicare options I am happy with. I highly recommend her.

Lighter Than Air

Rhoda was outstanding in her presentation about all the many Medicare options. It is an extremely complex system to navigate through but Rhoda makes it much more understandable in her direct and simple explanations of the many varied programs available. She certainly helped me to understand the pros and cons to all these many Medicare programs available. If you have questions or are drowning in the maze of Medicare, I highly recommend you to give her a call to help you.


I'd been nervous leading up to my appointment with Rhoda this morning but I needn’t have; she walked me through every step of the way, answered all of my questions and even offered some valuable advice. She was awesome.


I have also STRONGLY recommended you to a dear friend, Frances and I expect she’ll contact you for an appointment. I feel safe and have utmost confidence in your professional services, and it is a pleasure to endorse you to Frances, or anyone else, for that matter.


Rhoda, meet Dale. Dale is a close friend who has entered the realm of Medicare. You should know each other.
Dale, meet Rhoda. Rhoda was the only agent with whom I worked that simply told the truth and knew her stuff regarding Medicare enrollment and options to consider, especially if one is still working.


Rhoda is great! She has assisted me for two years with finding the best Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for my grandmother. She always helps me prioritize the most cost-effective plan and offers an unbiased opinion. I highly recommend her services if you are seeking assistance with any Medicare coverage options!

Kaitland H.